Friday, July 31, 2009


I'm taking off early today to spend the afternoon and weekend with a good friend from out of town. She's never been to Portland before.

We're going to start off with lunch at Kennedy School, so she can see what McMenamin's is all about, and get a taste of good Portland beer. I also have plans for us to visit various parts of the city, eat some fresh Northwest salmon, try out a few different eateries and a coffee joint or two. See the Oregon coast, get some pampering at a day spa, drink some more beer, and of course do some cooking. (She's going to show me how to make souvlaki!)

There are just so many amazing things to do and see, and eat and drink around Portland – it's absolutely overwhelming! I wish I could take her everywhere, give her a taste and a sip of all Portland has to offer, all in one weekend. I want her to know what a great place this is and understand why I love it so much.

But, it's just one weekend, and it's impossible to do it all. It'll be a fun weekend for sure, and I know I shouldn't worry so much about making an impression. She'll like Portland – how could she not? Will she love it? I don't know, but I guess it doesn't really matter as long as she has a good time.

What does matter is that I realize how lucky I am to live here – near the ocean and the mountains, in a fantastic, somewhat funky little city, among creative, interesting people, where there's lots going on (way more than I can keep up with), and of course, great food.

I just love it here.

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