Thursday, September 10, 2009

Quick Update

Finally a chance for a little cooking, and more to come...

We've been extremely busy this summer and I've hardly cooked for at least a couple months. Last weekend, when we rented a house at the beach, I was itching to cook. So, we brought along a bunch of groceries and our pasta machine too, to make homemade fettuccine (my husband's specialty). We couldn't believe it when we found a pasta machine already there in one of the cupboards at the rental house! Of course, they didn't have a strainer of any kind, and we didn't bring one of those. Go figure!

I was so proud of us because we made practically everything from scratch for the first night's dinner. The Italian bread was already made – we just heated that. But we made the pasta, marinara sauce, pesto sauce, salad, dressing, and plum clafouti for dessert!

I'd never even heard of a clafouti before – a baked custard with fruit – but we had a bunch of plums from our tree and I happened upon the recipe, so we tried it. I'm pretty sure it turned out right. It looked beautiful, but the taste was kind of boring.

The next night we made crock-pot broccoli soup – perfect for a rainy day, plus it cooked while we played. We experienced rain, wind, sunshine too, and enjoyed it all!

After we got home, I made plum freezer jam. Haven't tried it yet, but I hope it's good as we have five jars.

I'm ready to settle in for the fall and winter. No more traveling for awhile. Time to get back to routine grocery shopping, cooking, and hopefully blogging too.

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