Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Love Every Bite

When I eat, I like every bite to be perfect. I try to combine the exact right amount of each component of a dish to make each and every bite just right. The best example is probably nachos. In fact, I’ve been told that watching me eat nachos is quite amusing.

First, you must know, I love nachos. I love them with gooey nacho cheese or sharp cheddar. I love them with Pace Picante or pico de gallo. I love them with onions or cilantro or black beans or all of the above. When I eat them, I assemble each chip as I go. Each one must have some cheese, a jalapeño slice, a dollop of sour cream, some salsa, a smattering of beans. Of course it varies depending on the ingredients available, but each little triangle is carefully constructed.

I eat salad the same way. A piece of lettuce, tomato, a slice of cucumber, a little cheese, an olive, dressing – whatever the ingredients are – there must be a little bit of each, so every bite can be thoroughly enjoyed.

Call me high maintenance, anal retentive, whatever you like. But I love food and I want to enjoy every mouthful and every calorie I consume. If it isn’t delicious, I don’t really want to eat it at all. All I want is to Love Every Bite!

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