Friday, June 12, 2009

Dads' Choice

One of my readers suggested I write something for Father’s Day, which is coming up on June 21st. I started thinking about it and to be honest, I was at a loss. I really wasn’t sure what would make the dads happy. What do they really want? Steak, I supposed? I decided to do a little survey and get some answers. I sent out an email to the fathers I know asking what they’d like to eat on Father's Day.

My own husband’s answer didn’t surprise me: pizza. He was the only one, however, with that answer. The rest of the guys pretty much stuck with one theme: grilling and barbecue. None of them want to go out, and they don’t want anyone to cook for them either. They just want to head out to the backyard and grill their man food.

Steak, chicken, and brats were all mentioned, but the most popular choices by far were ribs and burgers. Baked beans were also mentioned repeatedly along with a few other typical barbecue sides like corn on the cob, chips, and potato salad. Only one guy mentioned dessert: vanilla ice cream.

I’m trying to think of something to make for our dads to go along with their grilled meat, but I have the feeling that neither my watermelon and arugula salad nor my potato salad with green beans, tomatoes, and tarragon are quite what they have in mind. I guess what we need is a great recipe for baked beans. Does anyone have one they’d like to share?

Otherwise, I guess we don’t get to cook for the dads in our lives – at least not on Father’s Day. Let’s just plan to do the grocery shopping, provide the sides (pick up some potato salad from the deli?), and take care of the clean-up. And, oh yes, supply the beer!

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