Monday, July 18, 2011

Village Hut Bento

I lived near this little bento place in Multnomah Village for eight years and somehow never managed to stop in to try the food. Then, a few months ago, I moved away, never giving a thought to the little shack on the corner of SW Capitol Hwy & 31st Ave.

Yesterday afternoon, however, I was back in the old neighborhood for an appointment and my stomach was really grumbling. I needed something to eat and fast, so I could still get to my appointment on time. I figured Village Hut would be my best bet for a quick, gluten-free meal and so, for the first time ever, I stepped inside the tiny building and ordered a small chicken bento box with brown rice (there's a choice of brown or jasmine). It was quickly prepared and served, and from the assortment of condiments on the counter, I chose a little sriracha to put on the side.

I took an eager bite, not even caring if it was good, and was amazed by the tenderness of the chicken and the great flavor of the sauce - homemade (I assume) teriyaki sauce. In addition to the rice, which was done just right, it came with Asian coleslaw and a small slice of watermelon. I loved the crisp slaw, which was perfect with the teriyaki and grill flavors. And the watermelon was cool and sweet - also a nice accompaniment to the chicken dish.

Now, of course, I'm dying to go back to try their other offerings, including smoked pulled pork, salmon, beef, and even halibut! They have a veggie box and grilled tofu too. The ingredients are fresh, local, and handled with care. Very impressive!

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