Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Best French Toast: Cadillac Cafe

I went to The Cadillac Cafe for breakfast this morning and tried the special - French toast with pears. It was outstanding - the best French toast I've ever had - no question! They soak the bread in custard, then cook it to perfection on the griddle. Not soggy or mushy, browned just right, and the cardamom-spiced poached pears and vanilla whipped cream were excellent on top - no syrup needed. There was some other stuff on the plate too - eggs I think? I didn't really notice because the French toast was all that mattered. That, and a cup of coffee - not the best coffee in the city, but good with the sweet breakfast. I'm aware this is one of the best-known breakfast places in Portland, so my delicious experience is probably nothing new, but just in case you haven't heard, I want to mention it: French toast, Cadillac Cafe, 1801 NE Broadway. Yum!

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